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R&D Projects

Spike Renewables S.r.l. has ongoing R&D projects in the H2020 CE program on Geothermal Energy Production and in Industrial Process Efficiency. Technologies on which Spike, through its R&D activities, has a specific expertise are biomass thermochemical conversion (pyrolysis, HTL) and biofuel processes, both first and second generation biofuels.

H2020 Spike Renewables S.r.l. Partner Profile

9 May 2019

GeoSmart | CE H2020

Spike Renewables is designing and manufacturing technological components to consolidate the operational flexibility of geothermal plants and reduce the problems of silica deposition.
10 May 2019

GeoHex | CE H2020

Spike Renewables is developing test rigs to test the thermodynamic operation of heat exchangers operating with organic and/or highly corrosive fluids.
18 October 2016

SmartRec | CE H2020

Spike Renewables is designing and building a laboratory pilot plant for high temperature thermal recovery with storage and heat transport through Molten Salts.
30 March 2016

BIOGO-for-Production | CE FP7

Spike Renewables has designed and manufactured components with the aim of verifying the potential of the application of nanocatalysts in the synthesis of biofuels.

Lab scale systems

2 May 2016

HTL for bio oil production

Spike Renewables has designed and built a Hydro Thermal Liquefaction (HTL) laboratory plant for the production of bio oil from lignocellulosic biomass.
5 July 2017
SMARTREC prototype

MSTP | Molten Salt

Spike Renewables has designed and built a laboratory plant to test a high temperature heat recovery and storage system via molten salts.
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