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R&D Projects

Spike Renewables S.r.l. has ongoing R&D projects in the H2020 CE program on Geothermal Energy Production and in Industrial Process Efficiency. Technologies on which Spike, through its R&D activities, has a specific expertise are biomass thermochemical conversion (pyrolysis, HTL) and biofuel processes, both first and second generation biofuels.

H2020 Spike Renewables S.r.l. Partner Profile

9 May 2019

GeoSmart | CE H2020

Spike Renewables is designing and manufacturing technological components to consolidate the operational flexibility of geothermal plants and reduce the problems of silica deposition.
10 May 2019

GeoHex | CE H2020

Spike Renewables is developing test rigs to test the thermodynamic operation of heat exchangers operating with organic and/or highly corrosive fluids.
18 October 2016

SmartRec | CE H2020

Spike Renewables is designing and building a laboratory pilot plant for high temperature thermal recovery with storage and heat transport through Molten Salts.
30 March 2016

BIOGO-for-Production | CE FP7

Spike Renewables has designed and manufactured components with the aim of verifying the potential of the application of nanocatalysts in the synthesis of biofuels.

Lab scale systems

12 October 2020
WhatsApp Image 2020-07-16 at 15.47.34

Test Rig WP2 | Heat Exchanger

Spike Renewables has designed and built a test rig to verify the effect of superficial treatments on single-phase heat exchange with geothermal brine.
12 October 2020

Test Rig WP4 | Evaporator

Spike Renewables has designed and built a test rig to verify the influence of superficial treatments on heat exchange in evaporative phase with geothermal brine.
2 May 2016
2019-03-18 14.14.25

HTL for bio oil production

Spike Renewables has designed and built a Hydro Thermal Liquefaction (HTL) laboratory plant for the production of bio oil. For additional information: -> HTL.
5 July 2017

MSTP | Molten Salt

Spike Renewables has designed and built a laboratory plant to test a high temperature heat recovery and storage system via molten salts. For additional information -> MSTP.
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