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Fotobioreattori per la produzione di microalghe


Spike Renewables ha in fase di sviluppo un sistema di fotobioreattori realizzati in policarbonato da inserire nel sistema architettonico degli edifici.


Microalgae are capable of performing very efficient photosynthesis: they produce oxygen using greenhouse gas carbon dioxide to grow photo autotrophically. Most of these microalgae species produce unique products like carotenoids, antioxidants, fatty acids, enzymes, polymers and sterols.

Spike Renewables designed a ventilated facade made by photobioreactors that integrate microalgae culture into the architectural system. The design was based on polycarbonate panels (modules) to give maximum flexibility for the architectural fitting in new or existing buildings.

In the last few years activities on the field of photobioreactors architectural integration have been growing steadily; Spike Renewables project can rely on its previous experience in industrial plant design for microalgae cultivation for biofuel application in Italy and Chile. The design has been realized to maximize efficiency and operation; the control of nutrients, CO2, temperature, fluid flow and pathogens that affect the output are controlled continuously in the reactors and maintained in the range of operational set points.

The ventilated facades made by photo bio reactors is intended to increase the city green and therefore the absorption of carbon dioxide producing oxygen with aesthetic characteristics and undisputed advantages of soundproofing and building heat insulation.