Spike Renewables Srl has ongoing projects and activities in the energy conversion, renewable energy and biofuel sectors:
• Design and lab plant prototyping for thermochemical process (pyrolysis, HidroTermal Liquefacion HTL) for bio oil production from organic waste;
• Integrated solutions in order to increase the flexible operation and energy efficiency of electricity production plants (Power-to-X-to-Power);
• Development of test rigs in order to assess the thermodynamic operation of heat exchangers for organic and /or highly corrosive fluids;
• Test on engines and microturbines Capstone C30 feed by vegetable pure oils in collaboration with IBT Europe Capstone;
• Design and prototyping of a lab scale system for Heat Recovery at high temperature to define the standards for a modularized and flexible solution for industrial applications;
• Design of industrial oil mills for biofuel applications;
• Underway industrial development of the HTL plant, expanded to plastic waste recovery, in collaboration with BlueBenu, a Danish startup;
• Biofuels Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).