HTL for bio oil production

Spike Renewables has designed and built a Hydro Thermal Liquefaction (HTL) laboratory plant for the production of bio oil. For additional information: -> HTL.

The design and construction of the Hydro Thermal Liquefaction HTL lab scale plant is part of BIOGO-for-Production project funded by CE trough the FP7 program. The HTL is designed to produce bio oil from lignocellulosic biomass and it will be tested also for other organic feedstocks (byproducts and wastes).
The plant has a capacity of 15kg/h of slurry (85% water, 15% biomass).
The industrial development of the HTL plant, expanded to plastic waste recovery, is presently under way with BlueBenu, a Danish startup.
Patent application n. FI2015A000127 date:29.04.2015.
Patent n.1429628-PROPERTY: Spike Renewables Srl/RE-CORD